2021 Farmer's Forum: Hemp Cultivation in Georgia

As patients, farmers, advocates and entrepreneurs under the 2018 Farm Bill, we must continue to connect with leaders across all professions to educate, inform and connect stakeholders who can build professional infrastructure — For Georgia by Georgia, with international collaboration.
Join this call with Georgia based hosts Harris and Associates LLC and the Georgia Hemp Association and special speakers Representative Winfrey Dukes, National Women In Agriculture (NWIAA) Georgia chairwoman Noreen S Whitehead, hemp advocate, Ted Talk speaker and industrial inventor Amy Ansel and many more!

We will discuss:
– Safe Access and Decriminalization
– 2018 Farm Bill
– Farmer’s Protection Act
– Careers in cannabis creating CBD hemp products
– Certificate programs in hemp and cannabis (college/continuing education programs/ CLE)
– Understanding land use and opportunities
– How industry actions can reinvest in our communities

Farmers will have an opportunity to provide updates from their area, make suggestions to elected officials and network with industry leaders

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